Black Dragon Knights Stronghold

Black Dragon Knights Stronghold


Hello everyone!

I have been passionate about lego castle since I was a child.
I like the old 90s style lego castles.
I really love the old castles that were produced in the nineties, so i created this set inspired by the series black knights.

A small stronghold was used in the medieval age as a mail station with a tavern and a place of refreshment for horses, or to control a street and offer shelter to merchants on the road.

The set is spread over two levels, on the lower floor there is a small prison and two places to tie the horses, upstairs a lookout tower with an archer, above the armoured entrance door a bastion of guard with a soldier armed with lance , to finish a housing for soldiers with a view on the horizon.The set includes three soldiers and two knights.
The stronghold you can connect perfectly to the old black knights lego set produced years ago

After so many years, the time has come to go back to building castles!
Because other generations of children can grow and play, having fun and learning from these fantastic medieval sets, where fantasy can fly in the days of beautiful princesses and brave knights.
I hope you like it and I ask you to support me.
Thank you all,


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